Feb 2017 – Complete GAA rebuild.

Jan 2017 – Acquired replacement door springs for British ARV Cupola and full set of Episcopes. Rebuild for GAA engine started.

Dec 2016 – Acquired Control boxes and cabling for WS19 installation and confirmed requirements to have reproduction Battery Balancing Switch manufactured.

Oct 2016 – Acquired GAA engine, radiator, petrol tanks, Oilgear traverse mechanism, turret ball race, fans and shrouds, regulators, generator, seats

Sept 2016 – Wheel/Suspension units rebuilt

Aug 2016 – Acquired Ord 9 Illustrated Parts list for M4A4 and M4A3, Sherman V vehicle and VC Armaments manuals and Oilgear traverse manual.

Feb 2016 – Decision to install Ford GAA engine in lieu of original Chrysler Multibank

July 2015 – Acquired Homelite “Little Joe” Generator

June 2015 – Hull stripped and sand blasted

Dec 2015 – Carrying out research and collecting parts.