The Journey…

Did every small boy want his own Sherman Tank?

I certainly did.

An early childhood dream fulfilled, though admittedly I’d never considered a full restoration of this size, the largest to date was a Bedford OYD… but as the old phrase goes… it’s not what you know, but who.

Knowing the right people is definitely key to an undertaking of this size…

Over the years, I’ve been told… NOOOO… don’t do it… where will you keep it… how will you move it… can you afford to run it… where will you get the spare parts… etc… etc… etc…

All very wise words, but all from people who’ve dreamed of owning one, but never have.

So… here we are… a few quid spent… a large pile of rusty metal acquired… and the fun begins.

How, Where, etc… no point worrying about such insignificant details… challenges to overcome in the future… am sure I will meet someone who knows between now and then.

Plan… ish…

2015 – Research, Find parts, sell house
2016 – Research, Find parts, sell car
2017 – Research, Find parts, start rebuild, sell mother-in-law
2018 – Research, Rebuild and On The Road
2019 – Contingency

Target – Normandy 2019 – 75th Anniversary of D-Day


In lieu of obtaining an original Chrysler Multibank Engine, I have decided to fit the Ford GAA. Hopefully this will be the only variation I will need to make… but if anyone knows of a Multibank for sale in any condition… I would be very interested to hear from them.

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